From The CEO

We are living in times that are very challenging in many ways and families are feeling the pressure of times. The greatest challenge being in the financial arena. Families cannot afford to live at the level that God intended for them.  There are a number of reasons for this and many experts have provided their expert opinions in an effort to give clarity as to why the world is becoming an increasingly difficult place to be.

We believe that the main reason this is so is that many people are ignorant concerning a vital area of human existence. Financial literacy is a subject that many are not familiar with.  This game was birthed with the simple intent of giving families the opportunity to learn and grow their financial skills while playing and having quality time. It also provides an opportunity for people to birth businesses and create new revenue opportunities.

Be open and willing to learn and you will see your life shifting through a change in your mind-set. Hosea the Prophet said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”; this amazing tool helps people get knowledge and make decisions about their financial freedom. Explore this website and get yourself some resources that will transform your life. This may just be the investment that will make a great impact on your destiny.


Mitch The Millionaire