Why I Missed Church?

Why I Missed Church?

I want to share something with you briefly. Satan has a ingenious way of stopping you from walking in Gods best and one of those ways is breaking fellowship. Paul speaks of unforgiveness then he said lest satan take advantage of us: we are not ignorant of his devices and Corinthians 2:11 in other words satan has devises that he uses to stop the believer from walking in Gods full blessing. So unforgiveness or offence causes people to disconnect from other believers or from fellowship in the house of God. In Hebrews Paul again says do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together as the habit of some is. Satan endeavours to stop you from coming to fellowship with others by bringing in all kinds of things see the list below and check if satan has been trying to stop you

  1. Anger, bitterness and unforgiveness
  2. I have no money for transport
  3. The geyser broke down
  4. Family tension (husband and wife or other relatives)
  5. Friends or relatives just show up for the week end and they are too tired to go to church
  6. Car breaks down
  7. Your favorite team is playing
  8. You are suddenly ill
  9. You are depressed and not wanting to see anyone
  10. You are upset with the Pastor or feel what he is teaching is irrelevant

Well if you ticked yes to anyone of these then you need to “Deal with it”, get up and say satan won’t steal from me anymore, I am going to the house of God whether my body feels like it or not or whether my emotions are up to it or not. After all you are in charge not your body or emotions. God put together the plan of fellowship and connectivity through services and church meetings.

This is a place where we meet to be empowered and equipped. We meet with brothers and sisters that sharpen us, help us grow in the things of God and to develop our walk with God. That is why satan is keen on stopping us from meeting together. What is your connectivity level like? Are you serving in church? Are you a blessing to the family? These are important questions to ask yourself and check whether you are where you should be.

When was the last time you were in church? When was the last time you ministered to someone? Got them saved and brought them to church? When was the last time you laid hands on a sick person and they were healed? Most Christians today are not active as believers. They live passive Christian lives, we are comfortable with a backslidden state.

Well, I thought to provoke some thoughts. God bless you and refresh you and perhaps even revive your passion for the house of God.

By Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa