The Word the Compass

The Word the Compass

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

For the last 22 years of my life I have served the Lord and by the grace of God I have seen my life take shape and get established in the plan of God. I give glory to God for that. Prior to this I was a depressed young man who was sickly, plagued with asthma and poor eye sight. To add to this I was a below star age student in school and as a result I had a very low self esteem. I am a product of a marriage that malfunctioned as my parents divorced when I was still in school then lived on the boarder of poverty for many years, walking everywhere I went with shoes that were worn out and had to be reinforced with cardboard paper, my shirts we so old my mother used to turn my collars just to save some dignity.

One would not have thought this is where I would end up. I often say if some of my teachers would see me now they would fall over in unbelief, they never expected anything good to come out of my life. I currently minister to thousands of people, I have planted 14 churches and over 16 businesses that are touching lives. Been on television and radio countless times and married many people that are happy and helped many people birth businesses and get out of debt.

I am not boasting in my ability, far from it, I am showing how great God is. If He could take that boy who was lost and make a great leader then He can do it again regardless of where you are. The Word is the compass for your life. Our test says that all scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for a number of things including correction. That means the Word functions like a compass that helps you maintain the correct course. Much like a pilot who has to do a course correction every few minutes to ensure that he is headed to the right destination.

Correction is not bad, as some have made it look. Similar to going on a trip to a new place and you stop over at a restaurant or fuel station to refuel. As you chat with the waiter or attendant they ask “where are you headed?” And you tell them and they look at you with a look of shock. “The exit to your destination is 25km back where you are coming from, I think you missed it”. You are thinking no I am correct this is the way (especially for the men). The “mentor” brings out a map and shows you the exit and explains further that there is an alternative route in another 100km but it’s a gravel road.

What would you do? Do you argue with the waiter and tell them you are going to another restaurant? Probably not, you may give them a bigger tip than planned, why? Because they corrected your course and helped you save time, fuel and spared you some embarrassment. This is what the Word is to me. I have come this far because I am open for the Word to correct me and guide me. In fact looking at my history I have made some mistakes, and that was because I ignored the waiter who was giving me the correct route. As a result I lost time and money, not to mention some embarrassing moments that could have been avoided.

God uses Petrol attendants and waiters sometimes called Pastors to guide and correct us along the journey. Correction is a product of love not hate. The waiter could easily laugh and say”this fool is so far off course he is going to need an extra day to get where he is going” but he chose to speak up to help you. Whose your waiter? Are you listening to the advise and checking the map? Or are you choosing to change restaurants oh I mean churches simply because you were corrected?
Stay on course let the Word of God guide you and you will get there quicker and in greater comfort.

By Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa